Talent Development Solutions That Provide Growth And Development

Talent Development Solutions That Provide Growth And Development

Within our talent division, MHS helps to drive success in professional settings. We understand the elements of effective leadership and the requirements for an effective workplace. Our solutions help clients identify and support opportunities for development and help to cultivate their talent.

Below, you’ll learn more about how we’re helping solve some of the most pressing problems we’ve been addressing lately, including workplace stress, lack of inclusion, effective leadership, and guidance around the ongoing development of talent.

The emotional intelligence behind effective leadership

One of the most common developmental areas we work in is emotional intelligence. Deficits in emotional intelligence can show up as low self-awareness, poor communication skills, lack of influence, interpersonal issues, and general issues leading a team. This issue’s impact is well documented, with recent figures showing employees who work with managers who have low emotional intelligence were four times more likely to leave an organization than those who had managers with high emotional intelligence.

Our suite of products focused on identifying and building emotional intelligence include the EQ-i 2.0 ®,EQ-360®, and our host of companion products, including the newly released EQ-i 2.0® Workbook. The EQ-i 2.0 Workbook is an especially effective tool designed to support a thorough and actionable introduction to emotional intelligence.

Busting workplace stress

When it comes to workplace stress, we know that when employees are burnt out, stressed out, and not performing to the best of their abilities, their physical and mental health suffers. This burnout directly affects organizational health overall.

We know this issue is urgent. Key findings from our research indicate that people’s hardiness levels acted as a “buffer” against the negative effects of COVID-related stress during the pandemic. In fact, people who are higher in hardiness reported reduced burnout symptoms of exhaustion, disengagement, and loss of efficacy. MHS’ Hardiness Resilience Gauge® (HRG) provides valuable insight into an individual’s hardiness level and their ability to cope with stressful and unexpected situations. Most importantly, it provides developmental actions that individuals can use to build their resilience skillset.

Increasing inclusion in the workplace

In an inclusive workplace, everyone feels respected and valued for being who they are; people trust that they can speak up and be fairly treated, and they share a sense of belonging. However, recent research indicates that organizations and leaders think that their organizations foster more of a sense of belonging than employees perceive.

This issue’s impact can look like higher-than-average levels of turnover, what some call “The Great Resignation.” When employees feel like they belong at work, they have a 56% increase in their performance. MHS’ EQ-i 2.0® solution focuses on identifying and building skills like empathy, interpersonal relationships, emotional self-awareness – critical skills needed to foster meaningful inclusion in the workplace.

Cultivating effective on-going development

We often treat development and training as a magical silver bullet. But the “one and done” training model is not effective in sustaining a meaningful development journey. We know individuals and workplaces struggle to maintain meaningful training due to lack of time, opportunity to apply learned skills, and lack of continued practice in these areas.

MHS’ solutions include a wide range of options for continued development. But one area we are most excited about is simulations. Leadership development simulations and business training simulations provide learners with the opportunity to try out new skills and decisions and gain real insights into how they would affect a business “in the real world.” Our simulations include focus areas like critical thinking, decision making, and high-performing collaboration. Learn more about all the simulations we offer here.

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