Ordering from MHS

Check Your Qualification Level

Some of our Products are sold only to qualified users. Qualification levels (a, b, c, or m), described below, appear in the highlighted product descriptions or after product pricing where applicable:

A-level products do not require any specific qualifications.

B-level products require that the user has completed graduate-level courses in tests and measurement at a university or has received equivalent documented training.

C-level products require fulfillment of b-level qualifications, and users must have training and/or experience in the use of tests, and must have completed an advanced degree in an appropriate profession (e.g., psychology, psychiatry). Depending on state requirements, membership in a relevant professional organization (e.g., APA) or a state license/ certificate in psychology or psychiatry may be necessary.

M-level products can only be purchased for use in a law enforcement agency setting. For more information, please contact [email protected] for more details.

Certain Products may require additional qualifications beyond those designated above (e.g., certification). An Attestation of Qualification for the relevant qualification level must be attained by the purchaser of all b-level and/or c-level products prior to purchase. The Attestation of Qualification will occur on your first MHS purchase and occur on any subsequent purchase of a Product holding a higher Qualification level designation.


MHS offers certification for many assessments. Some talent products require trainer-led certification and some offer self-paced certification instead. You can review the accreditation requirements on product pages: Talent Products

Learn more about certification and training.

The easiest way to purchase from MHS is online by visiting our storefront at www.mhs.com.

Some products are only available by contacting us. Email or phone us with the specific product code, product name, and quantity. We will calculate the subtotal, add any shipping and handling charges, total the cost of the order, and send you a quote. You can then pay by credit card using a secure link or send us a purchase order if you are a pre-approved institutional purchaser.

Any required Attestation of Qualification will occur when your order is being processed and prior to the processing of payment.

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