Submit an Instrument

MHS is internationally recognized as a leading developer of assessment and diagnostic tools for clinical, corporate, and forensic applications. If you have an instrument, MHS may be interested in publishing your work. We are currently soliciting instruments suitable for HR and organizational development applications, and for use in clinical, educational, forensic, and other applied settings.

MHS is interested in a wide spectrum of assessments and tools, so even if your instrument does not fall within these areas of solicitation, consider submission.

MHS will pre-screen all materials submitted and will provide you with feedback.

Find our more information about submitting products for publication – Download the MHS Authors’ Guide


Pre-screening occurs when MHS receives your complete submission. To ensure that your instrument successfully meets the pre-screening criteria, fill out and send the Submission Information Form, along with your instrument. During pre-screening, products are screened by our Marketing and Research & Development departments to determine the completeness of submission materials.

Pre-screening includes:

  1. An analysis of demand, market competition, and special features of the instrument, as well as a review of primary markets
  2. An evaluation of strategic fit and the marketability of the resultant product
  3. An assessment of whether the instrument is sufficiently advanced to continue on to the Extensive Review stage

Pre-screening usually takes about two to four weeks. Incomplete submissions will not move on to the review process until all requested materials have been received by MHS. If your submission is incomplete, you may be asked to resubmit your work once it has evolved further.

Extensive Review
In this phase, a thorough analysis is conducted by the Research & Development, Marketing, Business Development, and Production teams to determine specific marketing and development issues.

Extensive Review includes:

  1. An evaluation of the completeness of the manuscript and affiliated pieces
  2. An estimate of development time
  3. A review of field testing, published work/presentations, status of data collection, and all psychometric properties
  4. An evaluation of the anticipated need, competition, pricing options, formats, and marketability of the instrument

Extensive Review usually takes about four to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the instrument. MHS will contact you once the Extensive Review is complete.

Agreement with MHS
Based on the review process, a decision is made as to whether or not to enter into an agreement with the author. If the instrument is not accepted, you will receive a letter in writing.

If the instrument is selected for the contractual phase:

  1. MHS will issue an agreement for the author’s signature.
  2. You will receive an Author’s Guide to publishing with MHS. This guide will provide information on the development process and guidelines for finalizing the manual manuscript and other components of your instrument.

The development process may not commence until all materials have been submitted to MHS and an agreement is signed by the author(s) and MHS.

Please carefully review all of the submission guidelines presented here to ensure that your instrument is reviewed with maximum efficiency. If you have any questions about submitting your work, please contact us at [email protected].


To be considered for publication, your submission must include:

  1. A completed MHS Submission Form
  2. A copy of your CV/bio
  3. Copies of any relevant published works written by you
  4. A copy of the instrument, including the manual and accompanying components, (e.g., manuscript, draft of forms/item booklet, handbooks/pamphlets)

Send completed submissions to:

  • MHS Submissions
  • 3770 Victoria Park Ave. Toronto, ON M2H 3M6
  • Contact us at: [email protected]