Multi-Health Systems and Pearson Announce Product Transfer Agreement

A practitioner sits across from a father and his child in a living room. The practitioner smiles and takes notes.

Multi-Health Systems and Pearson Announce Product Transfer Agreement

Multi-Health Systems (MHS) is pleased to announce that MHS and Pearson have entered into an agreement to transfer ownership and distribution of select products. These products complement MHS’ gifted and talented education portfolio in a unique way, and MHS is excited to collaborate with educators to enhance these trusted solutions to support the gifted and talented education community.

MHS will transfer ownership of the “Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale” (PANSS) and “Profile of Mood States” (POMS) products to Pearson. Pearson will be transferring ownership of the Stanford Achievement Test, 10th Edition (SAT-10), Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, 8th Edition (OLSAT-8), and Aprenda® La Prueba de Logros en Español Tercera edición (APR-3) products to MHS.

Our commitment to Gifted and Talented educators is solidified in our acquisition of these products, bolstering our portfolio of innovative and equitable tests and solutions by ensuring continued support in building solutions that you can rely on as you help those in your care achieve their goals.

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