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Through this email series, learn about tools and training for creating a resilient workforce and how this training can help your corrections staff to:

  • Recover faster from difficult situations.
  • Cope effectively in stressful environments.
  • Acquire skills and strategies to continue their work productively and safely.

This email series will explore the Staff Resiliency and Growth (STRENGTH) peer-support training program that is:

  • Practical: It uses advanced psychological techniques without needing a mental health professional.
  • Stigma-free: Delivered to an entire cohort to avoid personal stigma, ensuring privacy in all training sessions and meetings.
  • Digestible: Staff will learn practical skills in 11 essential interpersonal functioning areas through self-paced, on-demand training videos, building resilience and support networks.
  • Purposeful: A correctional psychologist created the program specifically for correctional environments.

PTSD is a common diagnosis among correctional workers

Did you know that nearly one-fifth of prison workers surveyed in a recent report “reported symptoms that were severe enough to be diagnosed as PTSD”? Prevent and manage negative outcomes for correctional workers by incorporating the STRENGTH program into your organization. Through this peer-support program, correctional workers will learn to manage issues contributing to burnout, including:

  • High-stress work environments
  • Exposure to trauma
  • Lack of resources and training
  • Lack of mental health support

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