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Digital service and remote administration are the most efficient ways to perform assessments and provide client services. Making the switch to digital has never been easier. The MHS Online Assessment Center+ is a user-friendly, intuitive experience that will help simplify all the tasks in your assessment workflow, from adding a client to generating a report. Performing these tasks has never been easier, or more efficient.

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Exploring the MHS Online Assessment Center+ Portal

Accessible, Flexible, Fast.

With the click of a button, you can administer, send forms, score and generate reports all within one easy-to-use portal that houses all your online MHS assessments. The MHS Online Assessment Center+ features enhancements from years of refinement and input from thousands of users to streamline your assessment process and improve remote administration.

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Using your MHS Online Assessment Center+ account

  • Access user-friendly features that provide flexible assessment administration.
  • Manage and send reminders to your clients when they have incomplete assessments.
  • Eliminate pending forms. Uses are consumed when results are scored and a report is generated, not when you send the invite.
  • Gain quick access to your account balance and usage history. Monitor the available uses for your assessments and form use over time.

Transitioning from paper to digital assessments

What if I need to print assessments to administer them to clients?

  • Within the MHS Online Assessment Center+ you can print paper forms for clients, parents etc. to fill out. Printing a form does not consume a use. A use is only consumed once your form is submitted, therefore printing forms does not impact your inventory.

What if I already have paper forms?

  • If you have ordered paper forms within a specified return/exchange policy timeline, you may exchange these paper forms for online forms. If you have paper forms outside of a return/exchange policy, you may use them up as you see fit. However, you do not need to use up your paper form inventory before shifting online. Should you require further assistance please reach out to customer service: [email protected]

MHS Online Assessment Center+ Videos

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