How to Develop Leaders (that people actually want to work for)

People need their leaders to spark collaboration, inspire innovation and serve as a role model for authenticity and transparency. Top-performing leaders value diversity, practice empathy and create cultures where individuals feel valued, safe and know their contributions matter. Helping leaders develop these qualities requires a tool that helps fundamentally shift their mindset from self-focused goals and objectives to relationships, building trust and managing change with flexibility and optimism. In this webinar, we discuss how the EQ 360 tool from MHS Assessments goes beyond a typical 360 that simply targets competencies like strategic thinking, delegation or leading change. The EQ 360 quickly gets to what’s most important for leadership and team success; how the leader is being perceived, how trusted they are, if they voice their opinions and concerns, if they respect themselves and others, whether they make well-informed decisions, and if they manage stress well in the face of change. For more information, please visit: