Advanced Leadership Development Using Simulations

Leadership development, at the core, is about helping clients perform at the highest level of their potential. With today’s fast rate of organizational change, traditional training methods and content aren’t always enough. Optimal learning comes from trainers creating powerful, in the moment experiences that reveal a leader’s true strengths and developmental challenges. Hands-on simulated experiences allow participants to learn by doing which generates better retention by practicing real scenarios that require decision-making, influencing, and working in ambiguity in a safe, observable space. With careful facilitator observation and debriefing, leaders can connect the content provided in the simulation with actual experiences to take the integration of content to a much deeper level. Experiential learning is ideal for connecting people to how they show up in front of others and can often lead to changed behavior and impact an organization over the long run. In this webinar, viewers will: • Explore why simulations enhance learning. • Explore a variety of different simulations and learn ways to connect assessments and traditional training to experiential learning. • Learn of to create powerful debriefs that accelerate the learning curve. About the Presenter, Sam Turner: Sam is a Leadership Consultant to individuals, their teams, and organizations across the globe. He has worked with clients in organizations that are privately held, publicly traded, government, and NGOs. His work includes assessment for development and selection, strategy, and coaching. Sam also facilitates a CEO Peer Advisory Board. He has a decade of management experience, a doctorate in social psychology, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from ICF, and in his free time likes to travel. For more information, please visit: To find out more about specific simulations, please visit the following: