Leadership Development with Emotional Intelligence & Personality Assessments

Have you ever worked for an inspirational leader; someone whom inspired you to be at your best more often, to develop and grow and work through adversity? Is this the leadership legacy you want to be remembered by? Emotional Intelligence and Personality Type play key roles in how a leader is able to inspire others. They help you understand more about who you are and how you relate to others in a variety of settings. Join Laura Trozzi, Founder & CEO of Branching Out, in this session where she explores how to incorporate personality type and emotional intelligence when developing leaders in a workable way. Learn how to build a business case to use emotional intelligence in the workplace, how emotional intelligence and personality type can combine to paint a more vivid picture for yourself and others, and how to leverage strengths and harness opportunity areas. To learn more on Emotional Intelligence and Personality Type, please visit the following: