Frenemies: Stress and Well-being at Work

Webinar Recording Date: October 2nd, 2019 Archenemies? Or frenemies? Stress and its impact on well-being at work have been adversarial in the fight to improve employee engagement, commitment and job performance. So, what happens if we change tactics? What if stress was seen not as the bad guy, but as the learning opportunity of a lifetime? In this session, we will focus on proactive strategies to empower employees, leaders and teams to approach stress in a new way. Harnessing the power of challenging situations to improve wellbeing by developing resilience, renewal and hardiness. What You will Learn: • The impact of stress on well-being and the importance of focusing on mental and emotional health at work • The critical role resilience, hardiness and renewal play in dealing with stress • A deeper dive into improving the quality of your professional relationships and job performance through emotional intelligence and resilience • The step-by-step approach to maintaining overall well-being To learn more about our tools visit To learn more about Hardiness and how you can overcome stress and increase personal growth, visit