Gaps and Challenges for the Largest Mental Health Provider in the USAu2026The Criminal Justice System

As budget cuts continue to impact community and school-based mental health treatment options, the burden for treatment is increasingly falling on the justice system. Correctional facilities have become a front line for mental health care. Despite the high level of need, these disorders are frequently underdiagnosed and poorly treated. A substantial portion of the prison population is not receiving treatment for mental health conditions. This treatment discontinuity has the potential to affect both recidivism and health care costs on release from prison. This webinar will provide an overview of the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among adults and youth in prison, with special attention given to the rates of ADHD and what can be done about it. The aim is to provide a broad synthesis of the main issues relating to the mental health of juvenile and adult prisoners, and highlight current gaps in practice. Ways to refine and improve efforts will be suggested, while acknowledging obstacles. To learn more about the assessments discussed in this webinar please visit

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