Navigating Novel Times in Corrections

For everyone who works in the field of corrections, we are all too familiar with crises. However, today we are faced with something that is completely foreign. The pandemic has changed our world and the rules of the game. This webinar is intended to provide an opportunity for correctional professionals to pause, just for a few minutes, and move beyond managing the crisis. Glenn Tapia, Joe Arvidson, and Dr. Guy Bourgon provide some reflections, based on the very foundation of the knowledge we apply every day in our work to keep our communities safe.

The Adaptive Mindset in Response to the Pandemic

Change is exhilarating when done by us and exhausting when done to us. The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed unprecedented change for community supervision and requires a very intentional level of agility, adaptive leadership and change acumen – all of which start in our individual and organizational mindsets. This segment will provide a candid perspective on the adaptive mindset needed, not just to endure the change, but to achieve organizational gains from the experience.

How RNR and Desistance Can Give us Guidance and Confidence

Today’s crisis is forcing fast and furious decision-making. From politicians to legislators, administrators to supervisors, and from front-line staff to the clients under our supervision, all of us are making decisions daily. These decisions will have effects in our communities and in our country. Our knowledge of what works in facilitating change can and will help us get through this crisis in both our work and personal life with at least some confidence and with some comfort in the months ahead.

Being Proactive Today Will Pay Dividends Tomorrow

Over the years working with so many correctional professionals, the one thing that has remained at the core is the WHY: our reason for taking up this career, doing our job every day, and striving to be the best we can be. Every time I ask, the notion of helping is part of the foundation. Helping our communities, helping the individuals under our supervision, and helping our colleagues. Now is the time to remind ourselves our WHY – that it has not changed. I will discuss how being Proactive, creating Predictability, and focusing on People, each of us can take action to fulfill our WHY as best we can in the new world of COVID-19.

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