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Lone-actor terrorism is considered a major national security threat in both North America and Europe (Meloy, Gill, 2016). Attacks by single-actor extremists are uncommon events but prove to be frightening and potentially devastating when they occur. It can be challenging for law enforcement to predict the actions of a single actor as they have inherently different motivations, ideologies and potentially are experiencing emotional and psychological disturbances that threat assessment specialists must consider.

The Terrorist Radicalization Assessment Protocol (TRAP-18) provides a means to assess risk that can translate into a practical way of managing targeted violence. The TRAP-18 is a structured professional judgment instrument to help organizations focus on cases of concern and determine where individuals are on a pathway towards violence. TRAP-18 focuses on prioritizing cases for efficiency in personnel, managing budgets, and mitigating risk in the community. To learn more, subscribe to our four-part email series and get exclusive access to:

  • The background and theory behind applying risk assessments
  • Insights into the eight proximal warning behaviors and ten longer term distal characteristics for targeted violence
  • The evidence-based criteria of an effective risk assessment
  • Risk assessment research articles and case studies
  • Complimentary trainings in risk assessment tools

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