TAP Update Center


Check here for the latest updates and news about enhancements to the Talent Assessment Portal (TAP).

Administering Assessments Just Got Easier

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance your Talent assessment experience, we are pleased to introduce several updates to the TAP (Talent Assessment Portal) that can help you reduce administration time and provide more flexibility in managing your participants.

This update includes the following features and enhancements:

Updated Token Administration

With this update, the Manage Tokens screen has been updated to present the number of available Tokens more clearly within your account. In addition, the ability to purchase and transfer Tokens can now be done conveniently on one page, instead of two, for accounts with administrative privileges.

Streamlined Workflows

Users can now create and send an assessment invitation in three steps, and the optional settings have now been expanded to show you all the available choices. In addition, the process for creating most reports has been reduced to fewer steps to save you time.

Export Participant List

We have included a new feature that enables you to export your participant list into an excel spreadsheet for offline management. The exported list can be sorted and filtered, making reporting on many participants easier. In addition, the participant’s assessment link is included in the export, giving you more options to communicate with your users outside of TAP.

To export your list of participants, follow these steps:
• Select your assessment and click the “Manage” button on left menu
• From the Assessment tab, click the drop down arrow next to “I would like to …”
• Select “Export Selected Participants”

Improved Administration Performance

We have made optimizations to the way information is loaded across the various tables within TAP, resulting in a more responsive experience. Now, users with large amounts of data on TAP will notice an improvement in performance when sorting and displaying table information on the Assessments and My Reports tabs of the Manage and Reports sections.

We are excited to share more updates with you soon.

Upcoming Enhancements to the Talent Assessment Portal

We are excited to announce that in the coming week, the Talent Assessment Portal (TAP) will be undergoing some improvements. To help simplify the experience of administering assessments, we will be making minor updates to commonly used sections in the portal, as well as adding a new feature.

Some highlights of the upcoming release include:

• Optimizations to the Manage and Reports sections of TAP to increase the responsiveness

• A streamlined Invite process for creating and sending assessment invitations

• Updates to the Manage Token page to make purchasing Tokens more efficient

• Addition of a new feature that helps improve the task of managing participants when working offline

Further updates will follow as we get closer to the release date.