Talent Development Solutions

Accurately predict job performance & develop the skills needed for individual and leadership growth

Our suite of products and custom solutions are designed to fit your Talent Development needs and to put your people first.

Our suite of products and custom solutions are designed to fit your Talent Development needs that you can apply seamlessly to your organization’s processes.

We provide solutions to these commonly faced challenges in the Talent Development industry:

Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

47% of HR professionals said retention was the top talent management challenge they faced, closely followed by recruitment at 36%.1

Developing NextGeneration Leaders

71% of executives expect to increase the focus on developing high-potential employees and emerging leaders as the Baby Boomer generation beings to retire. 2

Maintaining Team Synergy Through Change And Disruption

Any type of change in the workplace can intimidate and frustrate workers who are used to a particular routine which may result in a resistance to change. It’s important to eliminate this resistance before starting the change process. 3

Engaging Employees And Inspiring Innovation

Innovation in the workplace is an important employee engagement strategy that helps organizations remain competitive, reduce costs, and creates value for customers. 4

Our Solutions Include

Assessments are scientifically based with decades of research and development that are reliable and valid. They can be in the form of self-reports of multi-rater assessments (360’s) with measures
in place to determine inconsistencies when taking an assessment. The assessments are normed against a representative sample that reflects the diversity of the work force and country they are in.

Business Simulations
Simulations allow for experiential learning and takes leaders and teams out of their regular environment and explores scenarios that allow participants to replicate real life business scenarios, make mistakes in a safe environment, work through evolving challenges, take on multiple roles to and gain perspective which leads to changed behavior, encourage engagement, and empower organizations to grow for the long term.

How To Use Our Tools

Our tools are utilized by all industries and organizational levels bycoaches, consultants, human resources, training and development, organizational development, and educators.

Certification is required for all Talent Assessments and Simulations.
Certification is offered through self-paced or trainer-led
learning environments.

One-time facilitation and workshop options are available as well.

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