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In our email series, you’ll learn about tools and training available for creating a resilient workforce. Through resiliency training, your corrections staff will learn to recover faster from difficult situations and will be able to continue their work productively and safely. As a result, your organization will experience less absenteeism and turnover, fewer disability payments, and employee benefits costs.

You will also learn how the Staff Resiliency and Growth (STRENGTH) peer-support training program, uses proven scientific techniques, rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, to help officers effectively cope with workplace stress. This program which has shown to be highly effective for corrections workers is:

  • Preventative – creates a “problem-solving” rather than a “burnout” culture
  • Self-Sustaining – a peer-support program that doesn’t require counselor intervention
  • Stigma-Free – delivered to an entire cohort, so no-one is singled out
  • Purposeful – created for correctional environments by a correctional psychologist

Let’s bring energy and resilience to the workplace

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