Remote Administration Guidelines:

Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test 2nd Edition (Conners K-CPT 2)

Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition (Conners CPT 3)

Conners Continuous Auditory Test of Attention (Conners CATA)

Not appropriate for online or remote administration in its current format.

The Conners suite of CPTs are currently only available for local administration on computer and not online for remote assessment.
Due to the nature of the precise millisecond reaction time responses, it is not advisable to administer these tools over the Internet as connection variability and speed can impact the accuracy of reaction time recordings.
Running the program with other programs open, such as a telehealth platform, may also impact the accuracy of the millisecond (ms) reaction time responses.
MHS is currently working on an online version of the Conners CPT 3. The program would be accessed online but the ms reaction time responses would be captured locally. We are working as quickly as we can to develop and test this solution, but don’t have an ETA for release just yet.