Remote Administration

Remote Administration

We’ve gathered a collection of remote administration guidelines and tools to assist you while transitioning to telehealth.

Many of you have been calling customer service or your assessment consultants asking about remote administration options for our products. We wanted to let you know that we are working on how to best support you during this time of social distancing where in-person assessment is largely not possible.

We want to be careful that no tests are invalidated by rushing to provide permission for remote administration or screen sharing in the face of this pressing need. We’ve been listening to concerns posted on the various professional listservs, discussing with test authors, and reviewing available evidence and support for remote administration, as well as practice guidelines that are being written by various organizations (e.g., Inter Organization Practice Committee, Boards of the Society for Personality Assessment and Section IX (Assessment) of APA’s Div. 12) to ensure we make the best decisions with the information available.

We want to work with you to follow best practices, where they exist, and we feel this requires a test-by-test decision to be made and regularly revisited as new innovations and features redefine what is possible. When recommendations and guidelines are available, you will be able to access them by clicking on the name of the test below.

Looking for assistance on how to make the switch to telepractice? Check out the online assessments and portals we offer, as well as training videos and more.

General Guidelines for Remote Administration of MHS Products

Screen capture or video/audio recording of any test materials or stimuli is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright law(s). Qualified professionals engaging in remote administration of any of our tests must obtain documented agreement from the examinee (or their parent) that the session will not be recorded, reproduced or published, and that copies of the materials will not be made. The same restrictions apply to the qualified professional administering the test(s).

Guidelines for best practices regarding teleheath set-up, consent, and other aspects of tele-assessment have been well documented elsewhere and will not be repeated here. We suggest you review the guidelines from the Boards of the Society for Personality Assessment and Section IX (Assessment) of APA Div. 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology) on tele-assessment found here, as well as the guidelines from the Interorganizational Practice Committee, a coalition of national neuropsychology organizations including APA Div. 40 (Society for Clinical Neuropsychology), the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology/ American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology, the National Academy of Neuropsychology the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology, and the American Psychological Association Services, Inc found here. All guidelines set out in these documents apply to the use of MHS products for remote administration.

No recommendation provided here should be followed if it contradicts federal, state, or local laws overseeing the practice of psychologists providing assessment services. It is assumed that all psychologists will adhere to respective federal and state rules and regulations, the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Guidelines, and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

Please note that all of our online rating scales to be completed by adults (adult self report, adult observer forms, parent rating scales, and teacher rating scales) were standardized using a mix of online in-person and remote administration (email links sent to rater to be completed at home). However, online youth self-report rating scales and all performance-based tests were standardized using in-person administration, and this needs to be taken into consideration when reporting and interpreting results of remote administration. The remote nature of the administration and any modifications to standard administration as outlined in the test manual should be clearly documented and stated in any report of results.

Should you require a Business Associate Agreement form, click here. Please complete and send it to your Assessment Consultant OR [email protected].

Should you require a sample informed consent form for telepractice, click here.

If you would like to review our Test Disclosure policy, click here.

PRODUCTS available with Remote Administration

Products listed below are all available for online administration. Items marked by * allow for Spanish Administration. Remote On-Screen Administration options are available via our MHS Online Portals.

Notice for International Customers: We are currently investigating issues with our 416-492-2627 phone number for international customers only. We hope to resolve these issues soon! International customers can contact MHS via email, [email protected]. We thank you for your patience and continued business.