Officer Wellness

Physical and Mental Health Coping Strategies to Improve Officer Wellness Training

About the Training

Learning how to effectively manage and cope with stress is critical for those working in law enforcement and corrections. High levels of stress, if left unresolved, can adversely affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. When we feel stressed, we often resort to negative coping strategies that are counterproductive and tend to exacerbate—not improve—the stress in our lives often leading to burnout and complacency. To compound matters, the prevalence of suicide in our profession is double that of the general population. Discussions pertaining to stress and suicide within our profession are often lacking or deficient because we, as public safety officers, are not expected to appear emotionally vulnerable or fragile. This webinar will address the negative influences contributing to stress, burnout, and suicide in our profession; introduces and discusses the many benefits associated with emotional intelligence, which contributes to a healthy state of mind; and discusses the importance of diet, exercise, and other positive coping strategies to improve our emotional and physical wellbeing.

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