LS/CMI Virtual Training

As many cities and counties across the country have implemented “shelter in place” orders, the necessity of social distancing is rapidly changing the way we navigate our day-to-day lives and our careers. Each of you are working through how to do your work virtually where possible. We will be sharing a series of resources and guidelines on how to navigate the work you do with our tools digitally. You will find our first resource below on LS/CMI user trainings.

My LS/CMI user training was cancelled. Can I get trained on the LS/CMI while social distancing is required?

We recognize that the LS/CMI training has typically been delivered in-person. We are receiving questions about how to train staff when social distancing or shelter in place orders have been issued. There are some alternatives that will allow you and your organization to complete your LS/CMI (Level of Service/Case Management Inventory) training remotely.

LS/CMI online On-Demand training.This training was developed to teach users how to administer and score the LS/CMI.

Presented by co-author of the tool, Dr. J. Stephen Wormith, this online workshop will provide you with item-by-item instructions on how to reliably score the measure and interpret its findings, a review of the peer-reviewed research on the LS/CMI will be provided, and guidance will be put forth on how to apply LS/CMI reporting conventions in practice.

The LS/CMI On-Demand training can be completed at home or wherever you are choosing to shelter in place. Additional information is available here:

Organizations with on-staff LS/CMI trainers.If you have an on-staff accredited LS/CMI trainer and have access to a platform to host virtual meetings, your on staff trainer can provide the training virtually. MHS has the ability to deliver the rating test and the user content test digitally. For more information on this option please reach out to us.

In-person trainings.For organizations that have organized an in-person training from one of our accredited trainers, you can connect with them directly and request a virtual training. MHS has the ability to deliver the rating test and the user content test digitally. For more information on this option please contact us.

We encourage you to reach out to our MHS team to get the support you need to manage your organization through these difficult times. You can reach our customer service team at [email protected]. On demand and virtual trainings will continue to be available at and digital platforms will continue to remain available. Our teams are fully staffed, and our warehouse is still shipping physical product.

We recognize many of you are deemed essential workers. We would like to express our gratitude for your dedication in these trying times.

Stay positive, and collaborate in such a way that when we look back on this in a couple of years, we can feel proud of how we rallied together as a united force. #WeAreInThisTogether

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Notice for International Customers: We are currently investigating issues with our 416-492-2627 phone number for international customers only. We hope to resolve these issues soon! International customers can contact MHS via email, [email protected]. We thank you for your patience and continued business.