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Sample Reports

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Provides information about a single administration, presented numerically and graphically, including the individual’s scores, how the youth compares to others, which scales and subscales are elevated.

–  Sample Parent Assessment Report

–  Sample Teacher Assessment Report

–  Sample Behavior Parent Assessment Report

–  Sample Behavior Parent Short Assessment Report

–  Sample Behavior Teacher Short Assessment Report

–  Sample Developmental Milestones Parent Assessment Report

–  Sample Developmental Milestones Teacher Assessment Report


Compare the results of two to four administrations for the same individual to measure changes over time. These reports are ideal to use when monitoring treatment and intervention.

–  Sample Parent Progress Report

–  Sample Behavior Parent Short Progress Report

–  Sample Teacher Progress Report


Combine the results of up to five different raters to provide an overview of an individual’s scores from a multi-rater perspective. This highlights potentially important inter-rater differences in scores.

–  Sample Comparative Report

–  Sample Behavior Comparative Report

–  Sample Developmental Milestones Comparative Report

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