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Digital service and remote administration are becoming more frequent ways to perform assessments and provide client services. At MHS we strive to provide high quality solutions and have collaborated with thousands of our users to create the most user-friendly, intuitive experience possible. We created the streamlined portal, MHS Online Assessment Center +, that helps simplify all the tasks in your assessment workflow, from adding a client to generating a report. Performing these tasks has never been easier, or more efficient!

For more information on the MHS Online Assessment Center +, download the brochure, register for one of the weekly live demonstrations, or watch the training videos below.


Accessible, Flexible, Fast.

With the click of a button, you can administer, send forms, score and generate reports all within one easy-to-use portal that houses all your online MHS assessments. The new MHS Online Assessment Center + features enhancements from years of refinement and input from thousands of users to streamline your assessment process and improve remote administration.

Emailing Assessment Invitations

Generating an Assessment Report

Generate Report: Comparative or Progress

Using ‘My Assessments’

Managing Inventory

How can I get access to the new MHS Online Assessment Center +?
Accessing our newest online portal is easy! Simply contact [email protected] to get started!