The EQ Leader Program
Train-the-Trainer DVD

Dana Ackley, Ph.D.
    An extension and expansion of Dr. Dana Ackley's exceptional EQ Leader Program.


If you’re looking for the most effective ways to integrate tools from the EQ Leader Program manual into your practice or organization, Dr. Ackley has developed the perfect follow-up extension of the Program — a comprehensive four-part DVD presentation that can save you hours of implementation time.

Originally produced as a series of four webinars, EQ Leader Training is now available in DVD format. In his instructional DVD set, which comprises six hours of intensive training, Dr. Ackley guides you step-by-step through the theory behind and the implementation of the EQ Leader Program. He shares the secrets of his successful emotional intelligence coaching and consulting business, and shows you how you can use the EQ Leader Program to further enhance your services and generate more positive results.

Whether you are an independent coach and consultant, or an internal trainer for your organization, the EQ Leader Training DVD will give you just the momentum you need to bring the EQ Leader Program to life. The EQ Leader Program manual will then become an easy-to-use reference and resource guide. You will also learn more “tricks of the trade” that have evolved since the manual was first published in 2006. 

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Added Bonus

As a purchaser of the Training DVD, you will be entitled to a complimentary half-hour phone consultation with Dr. Ackley to brainstorm applications of the EQ Leader Program to suit your circumstances.

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CE Opportunity

Those who complete the six hours of training are eligible for 6 CEs through MHS. Contact Dr. Ackley for the post-training exam.


Session One – Overview and Context
  • EQ Leader Program overview
  • Where to use the EQ Leader Program – large and small companies,
  • healthcare, government, sports, etc.
  • The ten principles of the EQ Leader Program
  • Why it works – twenty-two best practices for emotional skills training
  • Keynote Workshop
    • Three pre-keynote exercises – how to get clients engaged
    • Seminar content: business case, concepts, EQ tool kits
  • Delivery methods to win participants’ hearts and minds
Session Two – Advanced EQ Assessment
  • The EQ interview – questions, rationale, methods
  • How to select and use behavioral interview questions from the EQ Leader Program Manual
  • How to write the personalized report – principles, examples, and impact
  • The feedback meeting – building client motivation

Session Three – (a) Ten Step Developmental Planning Seminar; (b) EQ and Team Development
  • Developmental Planning Seminar
    • Seminar outline to produce individualized, concrete, measurable, and executable development plans
    • PowerPoint and handouts
    • Keys to a successful developmental planning seminar
    • How to use the seminar to create team bonding
  • Integrating EQ with the Lencioni model of high team performance

Session Four – (a) EQ Coaching; (b) Income Potential for External Coaches
  • Coaching
    • Enlist your client’s manager
    • How to use the Manual’s EQ skill building exercises
    • Processes and tools
    • True stories
    • EQ predictors of coaching success
    • Group and team coaching
    • Outcomes
  • Mock-up plan in a large organization with pricing and ROI
As a result of “attending” the webinar by DVD, you will:
  • Be ready to use the EQ Leader Program
  • Have mastery of the rationale(s) for each step
  • Strengthen your ability to motivate clients to action
  • Have key tools and concepts to build client EQ skills
  • Learn strategies for implementation that make success
  • Deepen your knowledge of the interpretation of executive EQ-i profiles
  • Save hours of implementation time
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Time Required
Approximately six hours in total, at the convenience of the viewer

Hardware Requirements
Computer with DVD player and speakers

Qualification for Base Program
Level B (North America only)

Training Program

Key Areas Addressed
Leadership development through emotional intelligence