Adaptive Behavior Scale–School 2nd Edition

Nadine Lambert, Ph.D., Kazuo Nihira, Ph.D.,& Henry Leland, Ph.D.

Technical Information

The ABS-S:2 scale was normed on over 2,000 public school students with developmental disabilities and over 1,000 students without developmental disabilities.
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Reliability estimates of the ABS-S:2 indicate strong support for the factor structure of the instrument. Internal consistency reliability is .97 for the full version Total score, and ranges from .70 to .96 for the subscales and higher order factors. The internal consistency reliability of the short version Total score is estimated at .86. Test retest reliability estimates (based on a 2-week interval) range from .83 to .92 for the various scales of the full and short versions.

The  ABS-S:2  was evaluated for test-retest reliability and internal consistency. The instrument was found to have high correlations with other measures of anger, demonstrating their concurrent validity. Discriminative validity was also shown in both instruments’ ability to differentiate between normal and clinical samples.
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Authors Nadine Lambert, Ph.D., Kazuo Nihira, Ph.D., & Henry Leland, Ph.D.

Age Range 3–18

Administration Time 15–30 minutes

Administration Type Clinician-completed

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored