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Validation Studies

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Classification to halfway houses:  A quasi- experimental evaluationdownload
Ethnicity, gender, and the Level of Service Inventory-Reviseddownload
 Validating the Level of Service Inventory- Revised on a sample of federal probationersdownload
Validating the LSI-R on a sample of jail inmatesdownload
Assessing the Inter-rater Agreement of the Level of Service Inventory Reviseddownload
Classification in correctional halfway houses:  The relative and incremental predictive criterion validities of the Megargee-MMPI and LSI
Cross-validation of the Self-Appraisal Questionnaire (SAQ): An offender risk and need assessment measure on Australian, British, Canadian, Singaporean and American offendersdownload
Cross-validation of the Self-Appraisal Questionnaire: A tool for assessing violent and non-violent recidivism with female
Exploring the validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised with Native American offendersdownload
The Empirical Status of the Level of Service Inventorydownload
Validating the Level of Service Inventory-Revised and the Level of Service Inventory: Screening Version With a Sample of Probationersdownload
New in 2009—the Level of Service/Risk, Need Responsively (LS/RNR™) measures the rehabilitation needs of offenders, their risk of recidivism, and relevant supervision and programming factors. More...

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised (PCL–R™) 2nd Edition is the number one test of Psychopathic Personality Disorders in adult forensic populations. Based on solid research it measures the areas of: Interpersonal/Affective, Interpersonal, Affective, Social Deviance, Lifestyle, and Antisocial. More...