Special Populations

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LS/CMI Supplement: A Gender-Informed Risk/Need/Responsivity Assessmentdownload
The Level of Service Inventory – Revised profiles of violent and nonviolent prisonersdownload
Use of dynamic risk/need assessment instruments among long-term incarcerated offendersdownload
Utilization of an interview-based classification instrument. A study of correctional halfway housesdownload
An examination of the generalizability of the LSI-R and VRAG probability binsdownload
Assessing the Utility of Risk Assessment Tools and Personality measures in the Prediction of Violent Recidivism for Adult Offendersdownload
Criminal psychopathy:  A risk and need perspectivedownload
Exploring the Validity of the Level of Service Inventory – Revised with Native American Offendersdownload
Poverty, state capital, and recidivism among women offendersdownload
Predicting attrition from treatment programs for abusive mendownload
Predictive utility of the LSI for incarcerated female offendersdownload
Reliability and validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised among federally incarcerated sex offendersdownload
Risk/need assessment, offender classification, and the role of childhood abusedownload
Testing the Level of Service Inventory – Revised (LSI-R) for racial/ethnic biasdownload
The diversion of incarcerated offenders to correctional halfway housesdownload
The predictive validity of risk assessment with violent offenders: A 1-year examination of criminal outcomedownload
Use of Dynamic Risk/Need Assessment instruments amoung long term incarcerated offendersdownload
Validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) among African American and Hispanic male offendersdownload
Violent recidivism of mentally disordered offenders: The development of a statistical prediction instrumentdownload
New in 2009—the Level of Service/Risk, Need Responsively (LS/RNR™) measures the rehabilitation needs of offenders, their risk of recidivism, and relevant supervision and programming factors. More...

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised (PCL–R™) 2nd Edition is the number one test of Psychopathic Personality Disorders in adult forensic populations. Based on solid research it measures the areas of: Interpersonal/Affective, Interpersonal, Affective, Social Deviance, Lifestyle, and Antisocial. More...