Level of Service Research Library

At MHS we know that Public Safety professionals value assessments with large, representative normative samples that have proven validity. For legal reasons, public safety organizations require tools that have independent reviews and where research has been replicated by other experts in the field. We are proud to provide you with reliable assessments such as Level of Service/Case Management Inventory™ the (LS/CMI™), and the Level of Service Inventory–Revised ™ (LSI-R™) that work and are centered on evidence-based practices.

We have created an online resource library of research papers, journal articles, and media reports that site MHS assessments. This helpful online resource was designed to answer your questions, provide background information, and give you access to the large body of research that exists for these powerful tools.

If you have questions about MHS products and services or have a paper or resource that you would like to share with your colleagues, please contact:

Tammy Holwell
Public Safety Division
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Email: tammy.holwell@mhs.com

New in 2009—the Level of Service/Risk, Need Responsively (LS/RNR™) measures the rehabilitation needs of offenders, their risk of recidivism, and relevant supervision and programming factors. More...

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised (PCL–R™) 2nd Edition is the number one test of Psychopathic Personality Disorders in adult forensic populations. Based on solid research it measures the areas of: Interpersonal/Affective, Interpersonal, Affective, Social Deviance, Lifestyle, and Antisocial. More...