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MHS is committed to building a strong community and knowledge network for professionals that work in the public safety settings. We're dedicated to providing you with the most up to date information about the theory, development, and application of various assessment tools. The following links provide resources you can consult to learn more about our products:

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Predicting Actual Liability Outcomes of Law Enforcement Personnel via the M-PULSEdownload
US Department of Justice M-PULSE Reportdownload
Top 10 Ways to Evaulate an Instrumentdownload
Top 15 Questions to Ask when Purchasing as Employee Questionnairedownload
M-PULSE Bibliographydownload

The M-PULSE Inventory is an effective pre-conditional screening instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection.

The MHS Data Collection Department requests your assistance in the norming and validation of products in development.

MHS is committed to ensuring that data collection sites benefit from their involvement with the development of MHS instruments.