Level of Service/Case
Management Inventory

Don Andrews, Ph.D.
James Bonta, Ph.D.
J. Stephen Wormith, Ph.D.


The Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) is an assessment that measures the risk and need factors of late adolescent and adult offenders. The LS/CMI is also a fully functioning case management tool. This single application provides all the essential tools needed to aid professionals in the treatment planning and management of offenders in justice, forensic, correctional, prevention and related agencies.

Developed to reflect the increasing knowledge base on offender risk assessment since the Level of Service Inventory–Revised (LSI-R™), LS/CMI has refined and combined the 54 LSI-R items into 43 items in Section 1. In addition 10 comprehensive sections have been incorporated to further assist public safety professionals in their analysis of offender management.

How to Use the Assessment
The LS/CMI consists of 11 sections. The Level of Service Assessment (Section 1) can be used on its own with Level of Service Risk Assessment only Interview Guides and QuikScore Forms. If you wish to use the full LS/CMI administration materials include the LS/CMI Interview Guide, an Offender History Form, a QuikScore Form for recording responses, a Case Management Program, and a ColorPlot Profile Form. With the software format, all of these components are included in the program and you can instantly generate Profile Reports, Comparative Reports, and Case Management Reports
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Scales & Forms

LS/CMI Offender History Form
The Offender History Form records assessment rationale and offender history information for a given LS/CMI assessment. The form is comprised of two parts: Reason for Assessment and General Criminal History and Offense Information.

LS/CMI QuikScore Form
The LS/CMI QuikScore™ form is professional-completed and consists of eight sections.

LS/CMI Program Targets and Intervention Plan Form
The LS/CMI Program Targets and Intervention Plan Form assists with the documentation of risk areas being targeted and the corresponding treatment/intervention.

LS/CMI Progress Record Form
The LS/CMI Progress Record Form assists in the documentation of the offenders progress.

LS/CMI Interview Guide
The LS/CMI Interview Guide consists of questions necessary to obtain scores for the LS/CMI.

LS/CMI Case Management Protocol Form
The LS/CMI Case Management Protocol Form consists of three sections: the Case Management Plan, the Progress Record, and the Discharge Summary. The form is essential to the development of the case management.

LS/CMI ColorPlot™ Profile for Male Offenders Form
The LS/CMI ColorPlot™ Profile for Male Offenders Form is used to convert raw scores obtained from the QuikScore into T-scores.


  • Criminal History
  • Education/Employment
  • Family/Marital
  • Leisure/Recreation
  • Companions
  • Alcohol/Drug Problems
  • Antisocial Patterns
  • Procriminal Attitude Orientation
  • Barriers to Release
  • Case Management Plan
  • Progress Record
  • Discharge Summary
  • Specific Risk/Needs Factors
  • Prison Experience - Institutional Factors
  • Special Responsivity Consideration

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Don Andrews, Ph.D., James Bonta, Ph.D., &
J. Stephen Wormith, Ph.D.

Age Range 16 years and older

Administration Time 20 - 30 minutes per form; interview varies

Administration Type Semistructured Interview Professional-completed

Qualification Level B