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Test of Silent Reading Efficiency and Comprehension

Richard K. Wagner
Joseph K. Torgesen
Carol A. Rashoette
Nils A. Pearson


The TOSREC is a brief, group or individually administered test of reading that assesses silent reading of connected text for comprehension. The measure can be used for screening, progress monitoring, clinical and research purposes. The TOSREC has four test forms at each grade level from 1st to 10th grade and above. Test forms require respondents to read and verify the truthfulness of as many sentences as possible within 3 minutes.

Features and Benefits

  • Group administration is possible, which dramatically improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness 
  • The kind of reading assessed by the TOSREC has greater ecological validity than do oral reading fluency tasks 
  • Comprehension is assessed explicitly and affects scoring directly 
  • Nationally representative norms are available
  • Silent reading eliminates the possibility that a poor reader may become embarrassed when reading aloud in the presence of an examiner
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Scales & Forms

  • Speed 
  • Accuracy 
  • Comprehension

Booklets are organized by grade and form. Each grade level has four distinct response booklet forms – Form A, Form B, Form C, and Form O.

Form A
Used for testing students during the first third of the school year, which corresponds to the months of August through November.

Form B
Administered during the second third of the school year, December through February.

Form C
Administered during the last third of the school year and through the summer months until the beginning of the next school year, March through July.

Form O
Administered during any month of the year.
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Richard K. Wagner, Joseph K. Torgesen, Carol A. Rashoette, & Nils A. Pearson

Age Range Grades 1 to 12

Administration Time 3 minutes

Administration Type Individual or Group Completed
& Self-Report

Qualification Level A

Format Handscored