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Test of Memory and Learning: 2nd Edition

Cecil R. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Judith K. Voress, Ph.D.


The TOMAL-2, a revised version of the widely used TOMAL, is a comprehensive instrument designed to evaluate general and specific memory functions of individuals aged 5 to 59 years old. This updated version features an expanded age range, along with shorter administration times and easier scoring. With eight core subtest, six supplementary subtests, and two delayed recall tasks, the TOMAL-2 can be efficiently used to evaluate those who may be believed to have learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, neurological diseases, serious emotional disturbance, and Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD).

The TOMAL-2 takes between 30 and 60 minutes to administer. The core and supplemental tests include a picture book, a facial memory picture book, chips, a visual selective reminding test board, and a set of delayed recall cue cards. Administration booklets and record forms are used to record responses and score the TOMAL-2.
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Scales & Forms

  • Verbal Memory
  • Nonverbal Memory
  • Delayed Recall
  • Composite Memory
  • Sequential Memory
  • Free Recall
  • Associate Recall
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Learning
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Cecil R. Reynolds, Ph. D. & Judith K. Voress, Ph. D.

Age Range 5 to 59 years

Administration Time 30 – 60 minutes  

Administration Type Clinician-administered

Qualification Level C

  • Handscored