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Slosson Intelligence Test–Revised

Richard L. Slosson, M.A
Revised by Charles L. Nicholson, Ph.D. &
Terry L. Hibpshman, M.A.
Supplementary Manual by Sue Larson, Ph.D.


The Slosson Intelligence Test–Revised is a quick and reliable individual screening test of Crystallized Verbal Intelligence. The new SIT–R3 test is a multidimensional assessment that is suitable for testing regular education populations as well as most special populations. It can be used by teachers, psychologists, guidance counselors, special educators, learning disability instructors, and others who evaluate an individual’s mental ability. Because the SIT–R3 test has minimal performance items, embossed materials now allow testing of the visually impaired and the blind.
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Scales & Forms

  • Vocabulary
  • Similarities
  • Quantitative
  • General Information
  • Comprehension
  • Auditory Memory
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Richard L. Slosson, M.A.; revised by Charles L. Nicholson, Ph.D. &
Terry L. Hibpshman, M.A.; Supplementary Manual by Sue Larson, Ph.D.

Age Range 4 to 65 years

Administration Time 10–20 minutes

Administration Type Professionally-administered

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored