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Jesness Behavior Checklist

Carl. F. Jesness, Ph.D.


The Jesness Behavior Checklist™ (JBC™) measures 14 bipolar behavioral tendencies among adolescents against a large delinquent sample. The JBC consists of two parallel forms: an Observer Form for ratings by teachers, probation or correctional officers, counselors, therapists, etc; and a Self-Appraisal Form for self-evaluation. The JBC can be scored and administered quickly and easily using QuikScore™ Self-Appraisal and Observer Forms.
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Scales and Forms


JBC Observer QuikScore™ Form
The clinician-completed QuikScore™ form is a self-scoring form used to administer the JBC. The 80-item form uses a five-point response scale and measures 14 factor scales.

JBC Self-appraisal QuikScore™ Form
The JBC self-appraisal is an 80-item self-report that asks individuals to evaluate their behavioral characteristics. It consists of 14 factor scales that assess the individual's tendency towards different polarities.  The JBC checklist obtains a comprehensive snapshot of an individual's behavior.


Carl F. Jesness, Ph.D.

Age Range 13 to 18 

Administration Time 20 minutes

Administration Type

  • Self-report
  • Observer-completed

Qualification Level B


  • Handscored
  • Software (administration and scoring) 
  • Scoring Service