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Family Assessment Measure–III

Harvey A. Skinner, Ph.D.
Paul D. Steinhauer, M.D.
Jack Santa-Barbara, Ph.D.


The FAM-III is an assessment of family functioning. It is unique in its ability to provide a multirater and multigenerational (within the family) assessment of functioning across six universal clinical parameters and two validity scales. Its capacity for differentiation makes it well-suited to clinical assessment and treatment monitoring. Based on the Process Model of Family Functioning, the FAM–III assessment can be completed by preadolescent, adolescent, and adult family members.

NEW! MHS is pleased to announce release of the online version of the FAM-III™.
Assess online through our secure and easy to use website, the MHS Online Assessment Center. Administer, score, and generate reports quickly and efficiently. To learn more about the MHS Online Assessment Center, click here.
How to Use the Assessment
The FAM-III consists of three forms: the General Scale examines overall family health; the Dyadic Relationship Scale examines how a family member views his or her relationship with another family member; and the Self-Rating Scale allows each person to rate his or her own functioning within the family. By comparing the three scales to each other, you obtain a rich picture of how family members view levels of family interaction. There is also a Brief FAM that consists of shorter versions of the three scales. All components of the FAM-III and Brief FAM are available in handscored format, QuikScore™ Form, or Online. With the software or online formats, you can instantly generate Profile Reports for FAM-III or Brief FAM.

The Brief FAM provides an overview of family functioning, making it ideal for screening or for preliminary evaluations. It is also useful for monitoring family functioning during the course of treatment. It includes the same three scales as the longer version, but fewer items.
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Scales and Forms

  • Task Accomplishment
  • Communication/Affective Expression
  • Role Performance
  • Affective Involvement
  • Control
  • Values and Norms

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Harvey A. Skinner, Ph.D.,
Paul D. Steinhauer, M.D., &
Jack Santa-Barbara, Ph.D.

Age Range 10 years and older

Administration Time
  • FAM-III: 20 minutes for each scale

Administration Type

  • Self-report
  • Family-completed
Qualification Level B

  • Handscored
  • Online
  • Software
    (Floppy disk
    drive required)