Feelings, Attitudes, and
Behaviors Scale for Children

Joseph H. Beitchman, M.D.


The FAB–C provides insight into a young child's feelings and attitudes that may be contributing to certain behaviors. It is used as a screening tool in schools, outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, and child protective services. Complementing parent and teacher ratings of the Conners 3™, the Conners CBRS ™, and other assessments, children under 12 can complete the FAB–C self-report for multiperspective assessment of child's social and emotional state.
How to Use the Assessment
The FAB–C is available as a handscored QuikScore™ form and in online format. The items are statements, such as "Kids pick on me." The child is asked to respond to the statements by checking Yes or No. A score is provided for each scale, along with a total score. With the online format, you can instantly generate Profile Reports.
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Scales and Forms

  • Conduct Problems
  • Self-Image
  • Worry
  • Negative Peer Relations
  • Antisocial
  • Lie (validity)
  • Problem Index

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Joseph H. Beitchman, M.D.

Age Range 6 to 13 years

Administration Time10 minutes

Administration Type Self-report
    Qualification Level B

    • Handscored
    • Online
      (administration & scoring)