Early SB-5
Standford-Binet Intelligence Scales for Early Childhood–Fifth Edition

Gale H. Roid, Ph.D.


The applications of the Early SB–5 are generally identical to those of Standford-Binet Intelligence Scales–Fifth Edition (SB5). The primary difference is that Early SB-5 is streamlined for ages 2 to 5 years, covering the full range of abilities. However, for ages 6 to 7, professionals seeking a broad assessment of early intellectual giftedness should instead use the SB5. Early SB-5 can be used to:
  • Assess intellectual deficiencies, delays, and disabilities 
  • Assess developmental delays in cognitive and language domains 
  • Identify developmental disabilities in children with limited English and other expressive language difficulties 
  • Plan interventions, including individual family plans and individual education plans 
  • Refer children for more extensive pre-academic and neuropsychological evaluations
Features and Benefits
  • Provides a lower cost version of the SB-5 for preschool assessment
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of five factors of cognitive ability 
  • Includes child-friendly toys/manipulatives 
  • Include an entire nonverbal/low-verbal section that requires minimal verbal response from the examinee, useful for children with limited verbal English, deafness/hard-of-hearing, autism, and other expressive-language difficulties 
  • Offers low-end, easier items and toys for accurate measurement of low-functioning children 
  • Includes a Test Observation Checklist to document behavior during testing 
  • Offers a Parent Report to help facilitate communication with the child’s parent, guardian, or caregiver
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Scales & Forms

  • Nonverbal Fluid Reasoning 
  • Verbal Knowledge 
  • Fluid Reasoning 
  • Knowledge 
  • Quantitative Reasoning 
  • Visual-Spatial Processing 
  • Working Memory

The Early SB-5 has a display box filled with toys, manipulatives, and brightly colored illustrations that help engage young children. It consists of two Item Books that fold into an A-frame easel. Each page of the Item Books has illustrations for the examinee on one side and detailed direction for the examiner on the other side. The Early SB-5 may be scored with software or handscored.

Item Book 1
Used as an initial assessment, or Abbreviated Battery IQ, this book includes Nonverbal Fluid Reasoning and Verbal Knowledge subtests.

Item Book 2
Includes Fluid Reasoning, Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial Processing, Working Memory subtests.
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Gale H. Roid, Ph.D.

Age Range 2 to 7-3 years

Administration Time 15 to 50 minutes

Administration Type Individual Observation

Qualification Level C

Format Handscored
Software (scoring only)