Diagnostic Assessments of Reading™–Second Edition

Florence G. Roswell
Jeanne S. Chall
Mary E. Curtis
Gail Kearns


The DAR–2 provides a comprehensive assessment of a student’s reading level.

Features and Benefits
  • Helps classroom teachers identify students who need help with reading 
  • Identifies individuals or groups for reading instruction related to Title I Programs 
  • Allows reading specialists and reading clinicians to diagnose a student’s difficulties in reading 
  • Provides an individualized approach to reading assessment for Adult Literacy Programs 
  • Can be used with students of all ages and abilities 
  • Offers a multilevel, upgraded format with simultaneous administration and scoring
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Scales & Forms

  • Print Awareness 
  • Phonological Awareness 
  • Letters and Sounds 
  • Word Recognition 
  • Word Analysis 
  • Word Meaning 
  • Oral Reading Accuracy and Fluency 
  • Silent Reading Comprehension 
  • Spelling
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Florence G. Roswell, Jeanne S. Chall,
Mary E. Curtis,
& Gail Kearns

Age Range 5 years and older

Administration Time 40 minutes

Administration Type Teacher/Proctor-administrator & Individual-completed

Qualification Level B

Format Handscored
Software (scoring only)