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Caregiver Wish List®


The Caregiver Wish List (CWL) is a questionnaire that allows parents to report on their child's compliance and their own parenting behavior. CWL items asses six core skill areas that when modified, are empirically associated with increased compliance, and a reduction in the child's problems. The core skills are behaviorally based and achievable with practice, making the CWL an ideal tool for any program focusing on parenting skills.

The CWL is divided into two sections, one that assesses the child's behavior and one that assesses the parent's behavior. There are also two versions of the CWL that account for the differing needs of school aged youth and preschool aged children. The school aged version contains additional questions that address issues at school. Both versions are included in the purchase of the CWL.

The CWL can be completed online as part of the FAS Outcomes system, or in situations where the CWL cannot be completed online, a paper version can be printed and responses entered later online.

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Scales & Forms

  • Providing Direction/Following Up
  • Encouraging Good Behavior
  • Discouraging Undesirable Behavior
  • Monitoring Activities
  • Connecting Positively with Youth
  • Problem-Solving Orientation

Using the CWL

The CWL is completed by the caregiver and practitioner together. Questions are scored on a 5 point response scale and read out-loud to encourage the caregiver to add other contextually relevant information.

After marking all the items, the caregiver is asked to describe, in their own words, their “top three wishes” – the things they would most like to change about their parenting approach. Once the CWL questions are completed, parents often self-identify their parenting strengths and challenges in relation to the unique needs of their child.

The CWL can be re-administered to generate pre-to-post outcomes. The integrated export tool makes it easy to select variables and aggregate data for program evaluation or continuous quality improvement.

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Age Range 3 to 19 years

Administration Time 30 minutes (approx.)

Administration TypeCaregiver

Qualification Level A

Online (FAS Outcomes)

Languages English

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