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CAS2: Rating Scale

Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein
    The CAS2: Rating Scale provides scores for Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive scales as well as a Total Score. Each PASS Scale as well as the CAS2 Full Scale yields a percentile rank and standard score with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.

    The scores from the CAS2: Rating Scale can be used to
    • support a referral, supportive services, or special placements
    • supplement a comprehensive evaluation
    • compare teachers’ ratings with test results
    • help plan and design academic interventions by revealing behaviors and skills the teacher considers problematic or lacking
    • monitor the effectiveness of interventions.
    Results are particularly useful when used as part of a comprehensive evaluation or as a pre-referral/referral tool.


    Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein

    Age Range 4 to 18 years

    Administration Time 5 to 10 minutes

    Administration Type Individually-administered

    Qualification Level C

    Format Handscored