Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory

SASSI Institute


The SASSI is a self-report screening instrument for substance dependency. Objective decision rules classify individuals as chemically dependent or as not chemically dependent. It is especially effective in identifying early-stage chemically dependent individuals who are either in denial or who are trying to conceal their chemical dependency. In addition to being used as a screening instrument, the SASSI also provides clinical insights into a respondent’s defensiveness, as well as other characteristics.

How to Use the Assessment
The SASSI consists of an adolescent (SASSI-A2) and adult (SASSI-4) version. Available in a handscored format, respondents complete the assessment on paper and score the assessment using a scoring key. The SASSI can be scored with results plotted on a Profile Sheet by support staff in one minute.

New to the SASSI 4:
  • A brief new scale, Prescription Drug (Rx), was added to accurately identify individuals likely to be abusing prescription medications.
  • Validated to screen for multiple levels of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) severity: The SASSI-4 screens for SUD along the full DSM-5 continuum of severity: mild, moderate, and severe SUD.
  • Distinguishes likely Substance Use Disorder from other psychological disorders: The SASSI-4 can accurately identify the presence and the absence of SUD, even when other psychological symptoms are present.
  • Enhanced SUD identification through subtle items that have been added to the SASSI-4 SAT scale.
  • Additional face valid items to identify symptoms represented in the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Br>
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Scales & Forms

  • Face Valid Alcohol
  • Face Valid Other Drug
  • Symptoms
  • Obvious Attributes
  • Subtle Attributes
  • Defensiveness
  • Correctional
  • Family vs. Control Subjects
  • Random Answering Pattern
  • Supplemental Addiction Measure
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SASSI Institute

Age Range SASSI-A2: 12 to 18 years
SASSI-4: 18 years and older

Administration Time 15 minutes

Administration Type Self-report

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored