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Children’s Organizational Skills Scales

Howard Abikoff, Ph.D. 
Richard Gallagher, Ph.D.

Technical Information

Over 5,000 assessments were collected, including ratings of youth in the general population sample, clinical cases, and those included in the validity studies. The normative sample for the COSS includes ratings from 480 parents, 480 teachers, and 480 youth. The sample was stratified to represent the general U.S. population according to age, gender, and race/ ethnicity (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2000). The normative sample is also diverse in terms of parental education level and geographic region. Separate norms are available for males and females, in 2-year age intervals (combined gender norms are also available).
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Assessment Reports
Assessment Reports provide information about the child’s scores, how they compare to other children, and which scales are elevated.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports combine the results of up to four administrations from the same rater to summarize important changes in reported behavior that have occurred over time.

Comparative Reports
Comparative Reports integrate ratings provided by child, parent and teacher respondents. The results from up to five different raters can be compared to summarize important similarities and differences in the raters’ perceptions of the child’s behavior.

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For more information on the COSS click here.

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Author Howard Abikoff, Ph.D. & Richard Gallagher, Ph.D.

Age Range 8–13

Administration Time 10–15 minutes

Administration Type Parent-completed

Qualification Level B