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Conners CATA®
Conners Continuous Auditory Test of Attention®

C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.


The Conners Continuous Auditory Test of Attention® (Conners CATA®) assesses auditory processing and attention-related problems in individuals aged 8 years and older. By indexing the respondent’s performance in areas of inattentiveness, impulsivity, and sustained attention, the Conners CATA can be used to evaluate attention disorders and neurological functioning. The Conners CATA provides objective information about an individual’s performance in attention tasks, complementing information obtained from rating scales such as the Conners 3.

The Conners CATA can be used in conjunction with the Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition™ (Conners CPT 3™) which is a task-oriented computerized assessment of attention-related problems in individuals aged 8 years and older. The Conners CATA and Conners CPT 3 can be purchased as a combo kit or individually. Click here to learn more about the Conners CPT 3.
  • A comprehensive evaluation with the introduction of an auditory attention test and used alongside the Conners CPT 3. Learn more about the Conners CPT 3.
  • Easy interpretation with new reports offering clear visuals and summaries. Learn more about the Updated Reports.
  • Trusted results with the most representative CPT normative samples collected. Learn more about the Normative Sample.
  • Easy to understand clinical likelihood statements are based on T-scores and displayed as very high, high, moderate, or minimal.

Quick Review of the Conners CATA:

  • 200 trials
  • Two types of trials and sounds:
    • Warned Trials: low tone, followed by the high tone
    • Unwarned Trials: high tone by itself, without warning
  • Dimensions of Auditory Attention Measured: Inattentiveness, Impulsivity, Sustained Attention
  • Descriptive information about the respondent's Auditory Laterality and Mobility
  • Results can be broken down into blocks to track the respondent's performance over the course of the test.
How to Use the Assessment

During the 14-minute, 200-trial administration, respondents are presented with high-tone sounds that are either preceded by a low-tone warning sound (warned trials) or played alone (unwarned trials). Respondents are instructed to respond only to high-tone sounds on warned trials, and to ignore those on unwarned trials. On most trials, the low-tone and the high-tone sounds are played in the same ear (non-switch trials). On switch trials, the low-tone warning sound and the high-tone target sound are played in different ears, requiring the respondent to shift auditory attention from one ear to the other.

Activation of the Conners CATA

The Conners CATA is available as an unlimited use or pay-per-use program. The number of computers that can use the program is limited to the number of activations purchased. After activation, the number of users that can access the program is dependent on which of the following two editions is purchased.

Single User Edition: When the Conners CATA is activated on a computer, the use of the Conners CATA is limited to the user who was logged-in to the computer during activation.

Scoring and Interpretation:

Conners CATA Scores

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Author  C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.

Age Range 8+

Administration Time 14 minutes

Administration Type
  • Individual-completed

Conners CPT 3 & Conners CATA

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