Achievement Motivation Profile™

Jotham Friedland, PhD, Harvey Mandel, PhD, et al.


The AMP identifies personal factors that affect academic performance and provides specific recommendations for improvement.

The Purpose of the AMP
The AMP provides an ideal way to evaluate underachieving or unmotivated students by telling you why students are underachieving and how to help them change.

How the AMP Works
The test produces scale scores for four domains:

  • Motivation for Achievement
  • Inner Resources
  • Interpersonal Strengths
  • Work Habits

In addition, three validity measures alert you to inconsistent, self-enhancing, and self-criticizing response styles.

Items are written at a fourth-grade reading level, and students respond using a 5-point Likert scale. Computer scoring provides an option that gives you a complete interpretive report, with individualized recommendations for underachieving students.

Validated against objective measures of achievement, the AMP provides a sound basis for instructional or psychotherapeutic intervention.

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Author Jotham Friedland, PhD, Harvey Mandel, PhD, et al.

Age Range 14 years and up

Administration Time 20-30 minutes

Administration Type Self-report

Qualification Level B

  • Handscored (AutoScore)
  • Software - Windows 8,7, Vista or XP (Scoring only)

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