Tips to Get Started Using the MHS Online Assessment Center.

  1. Access: Access the MHS Online Assessment center via Add a shortcut on your desktop for easy access.

  2. Folders: Current user feedback suggests that setting up folders by student name or ID, as opposed to school or class, has been the best way to keep the assessment data organized.

  3. MHS Assessment Center Tutorial Guide: Take advantage of the Online Help tutorial guide in addition to this 12 minute step by step tutorial If you still have questions after reading and working through the guide, feel free to contact MHS Customer Service at 1.800.456.3003 by phone between 8:00am and 6:00pm EST.

  4. Technical Problems: For technical problems, contact Technical Support through the MHS menu option in the top left hand corner of your main MHS Online Assessment Center page. This page is the first page you see once you log in.

  5. Strong Password: It is highly recommended that a strong password be used. MHS requires that your new password must be at least 6 characters long.

  6. Email Alerts: When creating folders, be sure to select Email Alerts if you would like to receive email notifications every time an online assessment has been completed.

  7. Coded Forms and Coded Links: Each individual printed paper form and online administration link is coded and can only be used once by one respondent. Make a note of the form number on the folder/file of the person you are assessing for tracking purposes.

  8. Printing Forms: You may print more than one form at one time by putting a check mark next to each form you would like to print. Each form will have its own unique form number.

  9. Response Entry for Paper Administration: When entering responses, you may use the alternative keying option QWER for the ratings 0123. After entering responses, it may take 5 to 60 seconds for the responses to register in the system. So, if you go to generate the report instantly, you may receive an error message. Please retry after a minute. If the servers are ever delayed 5 minutes or more, the MHS Online Assessment Center programmers are notified immediately.

  10. Entry Validation: Under General Settings, it is recommended that you select Entry Validation so that you enter the responses from each paper assessment twice. This feature helps protect against data entry errors by comparing the two sets of responses against each other and prompting you to make corrections if there are any discrepancies. Note: Avoid hand keying in responses by having the rater complete the rating scale directly on your computer or by sending an email link to the rater.

  11. Copying and Pasting from Generated Report: You are able to save the generated report as a PDF and then copy and paste from a generated report.

  12. Refreshing: When a form is in the process of being created or a report is being generated, click on the "Refresh" button to speed up the process.