Assess online from anywhere.

Multiple locations, multiple devices.

All you need is access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with access to the internet. These flexible options make sure the MHS Assessment Center is where ever you need to be.

Improve efficiency and accuracy.

Built-in verification tool triggers prompts when items are absent to ensure information is not missed. This allows you to feel confident that you are providing complete results.

Three options for administration.

Option 1: In person while online

Option 1: In person while online.

  1. Practitioner or individual can complete the online form during an in person session from anywhere with an internet connection.

Option 2: Send a link via email.

Option 2: Send a link via email.

  1. Email a link to the parent, caregiver, or teacher which brings them directly to the assessment form.

  2. The parent, caregiver, or teacher will then fill out the form and submit online.

  3. Once the form is received a score is returned and reports can be generated.

Option 3: Print the form from paper and pencil

Option 3: Print the form for paper & pencil.

  1. The practitioner prints the assessment form for the youth or individual to bring to home, school, or office.

  2. The parent, caregiver, teacher, or youth will then fill out the form and return to the practitioner.

  3. The practitioner enters the information to return a score and generate reports.