Qualification Level Criteria

Some of our materials are sold only to qualified individuals. Qualification levels (a, b, c, or m) are specified for all products in our on-line catalogue.

A-level products do not require any specific qualifications.

B-level products require that the user has completed graduate-level courses in tests and measurement at a university or has received equivalent documented training.

C-level products require fulfillment of b-level qualifications, and users must have training and/or experience in the use of tests, and must have completed an advanced degree in an appropriate profession (e.g., psychology, psychiatry). Depending on state requirements, membership in a relevant professional organization (e.g., APA) or a state license/certificate in psychology or psychiatry may be necessary.

M-level products can only be purchased for use in a law enforcement agency setting. For more information, please contact
customerservice@mhs.com for more details.

If you are a first-time purchaser and wish to purchase materials that are identified as (B) or (C) level products, you will be required to complete a Purchaser Qualification Form. Please select the appropriate form below for your geographical location. Print the form, complete it, sign it, and then fax it to MHS. All orders for test materials must include the name of a qualified individual who is responsible for the use of the materials ordered, and your signature.

Qualification Form 
Purpose of Use Categories