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Data Collection Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Collection at MHS?

MHS is a leading publisher of scientifically validated assessment tools. We are constantly in the process of developing new and innovative assessment tools and require the assistance of professionals to help collect normative and validation data for these tools.

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What are the benefits of participating in data collection?

  • Compensation for participation. Please contact the Data Collection Department for more information about the compensation options that are available.
  • Gain access to new and exciting assessment tools and use them before they are published
  • Receive assessment tools free of charge
  • Receive acknowledgement as a data collection site in the assessment’s technical manual
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How do I participate in data collection?

You can participate in data collection by becoming a data collection site administrator. In this capacity, you will recruit participants to complete either a paper-and-pencil or online version of an assessment. Participants’ responses will form part of the normative or validation data needed to publish the assessment tool.

If you have not purchased from MHS in the past, please complete a Qualification Form.

You can download a Qualification Form from our website at Simply click the Data Collection link in the left side menu, and follow the steps outlined there. Once you have completed these steps and submitted your information, a representative from the Data Collection Department will contact you. Upon approval by the Data Collection Department, you will be sent the necessary materials to participate in data collection.

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In what formats are data collection assessments available?

Most data collection assessments are available in paper-and-pencil format. Many of our data collection assessments are also available in online format. The online format is very convenient because participants can complete the assessment at any time from any computer, as long as they have Internet access. Collecting data online is faster and easier than using paper-and-pencil assessments because participants’ answers are stored as soon as the assessment is complete— there is no need to mail back completed forms. For paper-and-pencil assessments, the original completed response forms must be returned to MHS.

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Do the originals of completed paper-and-pencil forms need to be returned to MHS?

Yes. All original completed paper-and-pencil forms must be returned to MHS in order for them to be processed. We are not able to process photocopies of forms. Data collection sites are not permitted to keep photocopies of completed forms because this constitutes a violation of copyright. For more information, please contact our Legal Department at

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Does the Data Collection Department require personal information from my participants?

We collect standard information that is necessary to norm the assessment and accurately describe the normative sample. We typically ask about the respondent’s age, gender, ethnicity, birthday, living circumstances, education and other variables depending on the instrument. When youth participants are involved, an adult (e.g., parent, teacher, etc.) may also be asked to complete the assessment. In these cases we ask what the respondent’s relationship is to the youth. We do not require that respondents include their names. We prefer that you identify your participants by numbers.

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Does the Data Collection Department have a standard consent form?

Yes. The Data Collection Department has two standard consent forms: one for adults and one for youths. MHS encourages all data collection sites to use these forms. The youth consent form is to be completed by the parent/guardian of each respondent under the age of majority. This form contains demographic information which we feel is best completed by the parent/guardian. All fields on these forms need to be completed to participate in data collection. These forms are scannable and compatible with MHS systems.

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How does MHS handle confidential information and responses to assessment items?

Responses are obtained anonymously and kept in strict confidence. The results are coded in such a way that the respondent’s identity will not be attached to the final data. All data are stored in a secure location with access restrictions and will not be disclosed unless required by law. MHS retains the right to use and publish non-identifiable data. Any personal information transmitted to MHS is protected according to the MHS Privacy Policy.

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Can I compare the results of my participants to the general populations?

No. Since the assessments are in the data collection phase, this comparison is not possible. There are no high or low scores available during the data collection phase. The purpose of data collection is to compile normative data. You will only be able to compare your results within your own sample. There is also no information available about the reliability and validity of the assessments during the data collection phase. This information will be available once the assessment is published.

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Can I publish the results of research I conduct using data collection assessments?

Yes. We request that you send a copy of the research paper to MHS for our records. If you are publishing or presenting results, you are not permitted to reproduce items or instructions from a data collection instrument without written permission from our Legal Department. Failing to obtain written permission prior to using the material would be a violation of copyright. Please contact the Legal Department at for more information.

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Can I request a translation of an assessment in data collection?

We do not normally translate assessments that are in development. We only translate published assessments. If you require a translation of an assessment in data collection, you can contact our Translations Department at and they will keep your request on file until the assessment is published.

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Can I use an assessment that has been completed in data collection but is not yet published?

No. Once the data collection phase is complete, an assessment moves into the final phase of development. The Data Collection Department cannot allow anyone to access the assessment during this time. If you are interested in using an assessment after data collection is complete, you can purchase it as soon as the published version is released.

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