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Data Collection

MHS is committed to developing reliable and scientifically valid assessments. We perform extensive statistical analyses on data we collect from around the world to ensure that the instruments we develop are of the highest quality.

The MHS Data Collection Department requests your assistance in the norming and validation of products in development. Specifically, we require respondents to complete a paper-and-pencil or online version of an instrument. Participation by both researchers and respondents is voluntary and confidential. All personal information (e.g., respondents' names) is removed prior to analysis of the data to ensure that results cannot be tracked back to any specific individual.

MHS is committed to ensuring that data collection sites benefit from their involvement with the development of MHS instruments.
Please contact us to discuss the options that are available to you.

Data Collection FAQs

Research and Training Discounts

To Participate in Data Collection:

1. Download and Fax the appropriate qualification form to the attention of Data Collection. (If we already have this information on file, please skip to step 2.)

US Qualification Form

Canadian Qualification Form

International Qualification Form

2. Place a check mark next to the instrument(s) listed below that you are interested in.

3. Click the Enter Contact Information button at the bottom of the screen to enter your contact information. If you have an MHS Customer number please enter it.

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