MHS Online Assessment Center and MHS Scoring Organizer

MHS understands that your time is valuable and best spent with your clients. This is why we developed MHS Scoring Organizer and the MHS Assessment Center, two online assessment tools that offer the ultimate flexibility because they are accessible from anywhere at anytime.

MHS Online Assessment Center

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MHS Scoring Organizer

When you purchase online administration and reports, you are given an ID and password to access the MHS Scoring Organizer website. With the MHS Scoring Organizer, you access the assessment tools for which you have purchased reports and assign access codes and passwords to your respondents so that they can complete the appropriate tests. You will receive email notification when a test has been completed; then, you can instantly score the administration and generate the required reports.

MHS Scoring Organizer also stores all your client information to streamline your administrative tasks, and eliminates shipping and handling costs because no physical discs need to be sent to you. Contact an MHS Client Service Specialist today to receive an ID and password to access the secure MHS Online Assessments website at

The following assessment tools are available through the MHS Scoring Organizer:

The Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales™ (Conners CBRS™) is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of childhood and adolescent disorders and concerns. More...

The Conners 3rd Edition™ (Conners 3™), promises to be the tool of choice in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment. More...