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Public Safety

Public Safety is an important aspect of our everyday lives; it covers the protection and security of citizens as well as the management of individuals who pose a threat to society. MHS is proud to offer assessments that help correctional, mental health, probation and parole professionals identify, measure, and manage risks to Public Safety. We also provide Public Safety instruments that assist in the recruitment and selection process of those individuals who serve and protect the public. These selection tools help identify candidates’ strengths and liabilities.

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Offender Management

MHS provides leading, scientifically validated assessments that allow probation and parole, criminal justice and mental health professionals to appropriately manage offenders. Our assessment tools are used across the globe, and have set the standard in their field. Many of our offender management and public safety assessments are implemented countywide and statewide.

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Candidate Selection

MHS offers cutting-edge instruments that help identify law enforcement and security candidates' strengths and potential liabilities. Our assessments will provide insight into attitudes, behavior, and beliefs of individuals who are applying for these highly sensitive positions. Trust MHS to help you make an informed decision in finding the best candidate for the position.

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The LS/CMI™ — Level of Service/Case Management Inventory combines risk assessment and case management in one convenient evidence-based system.

The M-PULSE Inventory is an effective pre-conditional screening instrument designed for law enforcement officer selection.